As part of its operations, our company also provides its employees with additional education according to the highest ISO standards and rules. The participant is introduced to the techniques and parameters of performing various welding procedures, basic as well as additional materials, then gas-flame welding and brazing.

Welding technologies

Employee qualifications are in accordance with EN ISO 9606 and EN ISO 14732 standards, and testing procedures are in accordance with EN ISO 15614, which guarantee clients maximum safety and the best possible quality.

Conventional welding technologies

The qualifications of employees engaged in welding are at an enviable level as they comply with EN ISO 9606. But that’s not all, as every employee also receives additional internal training through which they acquire new skills, which are highly valued by clients. Common welding technologies are TIG, MIG, MAG, electric arc-REL and gas welding.

TIG orbital welding

With trained staff, and in accordance with EN ISO 14732 and modern devices and equipment for welding, we ensure the maximum welding quality. This technology is mainly used in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. For quality control, they use a video endoscope, tube cameras, measurement of the quality and purity of steel, measurement of roughness, measurement of pressure and measurement of residual oxygen. Video endoscopes are used for quality control of narrow tubes and cavities. All quality control results are documented, from the handover of the product to its validation by a relevant inspection. The company’s internal testing staff constantly tests and calibrates equipment in accordance with ISO 9001. Documentation related to product quality control is delivered to clients as a video, mini DVD, or as picture.