KM Mont Company has been involved in personal leasing for a number of years.
Our employees were among the best workers on the construction sites all over the world.In agreement with your company, our engineers, welders and locksmiths are ready and able to execute jobs in any part of the world

We have available:

MSCH Machine Engineers

BS Mechanical Engineers

BCH ing. Engineers

Atested Welders

Atested Locksmiths


Rent of workforce

In case you have the need to rent workforce, we can take care of finding, employing, administration, and the risk of renting the workforce on your behalf.

Advantages in brief

  • lower costs of workforce
  • less administration
  • employment in accordance with production and sales process
  • flexibility in changing or workforce profile
  • we follow legal regulations of workers rights and obligations
  • Your Company Contract of Collective rights of workers is not applicable to workers

Reduced direct obligations toward the workers in accordance to the Employment Laws as the employer is not your company but Contractual Partner

Why you should rent the workforce:


The worker is formally employed by us, his work is rented to the company which is obliged only to hand over the list of working hoursat the end of every month, while the admistration, payroll count and all other legally defined documentation connected to the worker is done by us.

According to the specific requirements of the companies, we can employ a chosen worker internally, to enable the companies which have headcount and limited annual salaries to get the workforce needed for their work. In this way the amount of annual salary is reduced and employment is enabled through the defined limited number of workers of the company which is using this service (headcount)

The form of external service for existing or new workers

Types of leasing


Project leasing is a type of leasing that focuses on finding and employing a project manager or expert (employed by us) for the time of your specific project duration, i.e. in accordance with the Employment Law for temporary employment.
Project Managers and experts are rented to your Company in order to successfully fulfill, run and create projects which is of orgnazational or developmental importance to your Company.
This type of leasing is related to workforce rent with the aim that the company who is renting the worker takes over the worker into permament employment by the company who takes the lease.
  • The most often used type of leasing
  • The leasing period as a trial period
  • No obligations to take over the worker
  • Minimized risks of permanent employment obligation

This type of leasing is related to the rent of workforce due to an increase in the volume of work required for a minimum period of one day to a maximum period of one year.

This type of lease is suitable for:
  • Seasonal employment
  • Replacement due to sick leave or vacation
  • Replacement due to maternity leave or child care leave
  • Short-term or mid-term increase of job volume

In case you are interested in this service pleaseĀ contact us