About Company

The company for producing metal constructions KM MONT d.o.o was founded on July 11th 2003 as a single unit with limited responsibility. It entered the register of business units on April 4th 2006, under the number 74573. The company headquarters are in Petrovaradin, Serbia. The core activity of the company is the production of metal constructions and parts of constructions. The company also plans and assembles production machinery. Since the company was founded, it has successfully conducted business in the following areas, both locally and internationally:

  • Automotive industry
  • Production and assembly of metal constructions
  • Assembly and dismantling of production equipment
  • Paper industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food and Beverage industry
  • Engineering and cooperative work

In efforts to continuously provide customer satisfaction by providing high quality services, our company has introduced ISO 9001-2000 into our Management System and safety at the workplace. Currently we are in the process of implementing ISO 14000-system of administration and protection of the environment.

The management of our company as well as all employees, conduct business in strict accordance to quality control procedures, ISO 9001 demands and related regulations.

Our long living success as a company is guaranteed by the satisfaction of our clients.

Our company has taken the obligation to take care permanently about the following values:

  • Higly motivated employees, which we achieve through positive production climate inside the company and through additional training for our employess
  • Long term business relations with our clients through constant services we offer to our clients
  • Support in all aspects in order to improve the trust of our clients
  • Investment in resources, especially investments in new technologies
  • Constant improvement of our knowledge and expertise to enable our company to offer solution for more complex requirements of our clients

Constant care towards our clients requirements, fast and competitive offers, strict policy to deliver on time, high technical knowledge of our employess and active support of strict production safety policy, are also aspects we are higly prioritizing.


Production and transport equipment as well as production tools are all of high quality and consist of the following:

  • Laser, CNC and NC machines
  • Precisios welding machines
  • Special tools for assembly and dismantling of production plants
  • Measurment tools and adjusting tools

The company has the following certificates:

  • ISO 9001 Certificate
  • SCC Certificate regulating safety system and workers health safety and work environment safety
  • Certificate in accordance to &19 I WHG
  • Welding quality testing in accordance to EN 288-3 as well as EN ISO 15614-1 and CEOC for all standard dimensions and diameters of materials

System of quality management, safety and health systems are applicable to all production processes of KM Mont. We have established detailed control of each and every key process in the company and maintence process as well. Key process is every process which contributes to our client’s satisfaction.

Response procedure to the client inquiry

  • Marketing
  • Feasibility study
  • Preparation of the offer
  • Negotiations
  • Contract conclusion


  • Definition and project engineering
  • Planning of resources
  • Engineering
  • Process planning
  • Purchase
  • Safety evaluation
  • Start of production process
  • Project management
  • Quality control
  • Project control
  • Final Project control and acceptance approval
  • Periodical visits to our clients
  • Project revision

Structure of meintance process

  • Administration
  • Evaluation
  • Quality management – planning
  • Internal controls
  • Tool shop management
  • Management of equipment tests
  • Employees training

Our internal in-house documentation describes all the above mentioned processes

Constant training of our employees is an integral part of our business philosophy

This guarantees that our quality will not stagnate but that our quality will be constantly improved

The above process understands constant internal checks, implementation of correctional and preventional measures, quality control, testing of plans, project revisions and analysis of our potentials.


Safety is not just a slogan for KM Mont, it is fully implemented in the Company in every production process and through the Quality Management System. As a Company that is in the production and construction business, we are expecting a number of possible accidents. Our safety experts are very well trained to minimize accident risks.

Before we start the execution of the projects, we evaluate all possible accident risks in order to eliminate these risks as much as possible in the early stage of the project.

In order to create recognized standards for work safety and health protection as well as environment protection, company management has decided to introduce Safety Management System, SCC Certificate (Safety Certificate for Contractors).

Welding Technology

Employees qualifications are in accordance with EN287 and EN1418 Standards, and testing procedures are in accordance with EN288 which guaranties our clients maximum safety and best possible quality

Convencial welding technologies

Our welding staff qualifications are in accordance with EN287. Additional internal trainings enable our workers to get new knowledge which is highly

appreciated by our clients. Standard welding technologies are WIG, MIG and MAG electro and gas welding.

WIG Orbital Welding

With our higly trained workers, in accordane to EN1418 and with our up to date welding equipment, we are able to carry out high quality welding process. This welding technology is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry and in the semiconductor industry.

For the quality control we use video endoscope, tube cameras, steel quality and purity control, measurement of surface roughness, pressure measurement and measurement of residual oxygen. Video endoscopes are used for control of small diameter pipes and holes.

All quality control results are documented in continuity, from the moment of handing over the products untill the moment of a valid acceptance by the inspection house. Our staff for internal controlling process are constantly testing and calibrating the testing equipment in accordance with ISO 9001 Standard. Documentation connected to the quality control is presented to the clients in video, mini DVD or as certified photos. In the future we expect to carry out quality control by X-ray, ultrasound or colour testing.